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Why you need transactional emails

What are Transactional Emails?

No matter what your business, the chances are you are going to need to send one-off emails to visitors and customers.

For example, when a new user signs up to become a member of your site you might want to send them a confirmation link to confirm they own their email address. Or you might want to send a copy of an invoice when a customer purchases a product.

Until a few years ago, developers simply used a local mail server to send these emails. The problem is, by doing this you have no visibility of what happens next.

Are the users receiving that all-important "confirm your account" email? Has your mail server been blocked by Gmail for sending too often? Is your mail server being compromised by hackers? Are your users clicking the links on your emails? Which templates are receiving the most interactions?

Basically, it is very difficult to know what's going on.

Introducing "Transactional Email".

Transactional Email allows developers to send emails through the trusted, well-maintained, and often white-listed email servers of an ESP (Email Service Provider), proving a much better inbox rate. As a bonus the ESP can also track all of the sends, opens, clicks, automatically add unsubscribe and profile management links, and much more.

So thanks to transactional email you can take the mystery out of the day-to-day emails your business or hobby makes.

And the good news is, MALIVIO has made transactional email very simple to setup. With just a few lines of code added to your site or app, you can be up and running in minutes.

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