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How to add your subscribers in Mailvio

How to Add Your Subscribers in Mailvio





Step 1: Go to the subscriber tab. Click “Add a new group”. 


Step 2: Fill in all the fields required. Create your group & friendly name (both should be specific). Then after that, click the “add new group” button below.


Step 3: After clicking it, you’ll be routed to the page where you see all your groups and just click on that “group” that you just created.


Step 4: From there, click the “add subscriber” tab and you have different ways to add subscribers. 


Step 5: For the option “from a spreadsheet. Click “start importing” and click “browse” to find your file to import.



Step 6: Once you’re done setting it up. Click “upload and continue”.


Step 7: If you’re already satisfied with your mapping, click on “import” at the bottom left corner and you’re done.