PayPal integration

PayPal integration


To integrate Kyvio 2 with PayPal, please follow the instructions provided below:


  1. Log in to your Kyvio 2 account then go to Integrations:1.png


2. Click on the ‘+NEW INTEGRATION’ button:



3. Type in the name of the Integration then select PayPal on the list:


It will now ask you for the Client ID, Secret Key, PayPal Email, Sandbox Email(Optional).


4. You need to register your app at the PayPal Developer Portal. Please go to the PayPal Developer Portal and log in with your PayPal credentials. Then, click on Dashboard in the upper-right corner.



5. You will be directed to the ‘My Apps & Credentials page. Scroll down to the ‘REST API Apps’ section,

NOTE: SandBox is for testing purposes only with no real transactions while the live app will be a real app with real transactions. You need to select the type when creating the app.

SandBox is being selected by default. If you’re trying to create a Live PayPal application, please make sure that the ‘Live’ option is being selected.

Now, click ‘Create App’ button:


6. Now, you’re on the Create New App page, provide a value for App Name and click the ‘Create App’ button:



7. Now, you will have your Client ID and Secret Key. Copy your PayPal Client ID and Secret Key. 

paypal 15.png


8. Now, go back to your Kyvio 2 integration setup. Paste the values to their corresponding input boxes and click on the ‘SAVE INTEGRATION’ button:

paypal 20.png


9. After saving the integration, our system will automatically test and activate it. This will complete the Integration setup.