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How to create Kyvio Funnel Website





  1. Log in to the business platform and go to the Sites tab.
  2. To create a new funnel, click on "New Funnel" and give it a name (e.g. Roofing Funnel).
  3. Create the first step of the funnel, which is usually the home or landing page. You can use an existing slide or create a new one by clicking on "Create from Blank".
  4. Choose a section layout (full, wide, medium, small) and drag and drop it onto the page. Alternatively, you can click on the section layout to add it.
  5. In the section, add rows and columns to create elements (e.g. logo, navigation bar).
  6. To add a logo, drag and drop an image element onto the column.
  7. To add a navigation bar, drag and drop it onto the next column.
  8. Customize the navigation bar by toggling off "brand logo" and "brand name" in the navigation menu settings.
  9. Add more sections to the funnel by clicking on "Add" and choosing a layout.
  10. Add elements to the section, such as a headline or image, by dragging and dropping them onto the column.
  11. Customize the elements by changing the font color, font size, text alignment, and background image in the settings.
  12. Add tracking codes in the "Tracking Code" section if you are running ads.
  13. Update the SEO settings by giving your page a title, image, keywords, and description.
  14. Repeat steps 9-13 to add more steps to the funnel.
  15. To create a website, follow steps 4-13 but do not create steps. Instead, add pages to the website by clicking on "Add" and choosing a layout.
  16. Customize the pages by adding elements and customizing them in the settings.