How to share smart funnel?

How to share smart funnel?


A walkthrough of all on how you can share your funnels with others who may or may not have Funnelvio or Kyvio. And how you can as make money in the process. 


Go to Smart Funnels and select the funnel you want to share, then click on the Share button.                                                                                          


The first option that you have is to share your funnel via email. Input the email address of the person who you want to share the funnel with then click on "Send share request." The recipient will get an email that will have a link to download the funnel on their own Funnelvio account.


The second option that you have is to share it publicly. You can also set how many times it can be used per funnel.                                                                                           


With sharing the funnel publicly, after you set the max usage, then you'll be given a special URL to share. It can be shortened with Bitly and other similar tools if you wish.                                                                                                


When you share this URL, they will get taken to a page where they can learn more about what Kyvio and Funnelvio are as well as the funnel that they are getting. All the details are on the page, and we give them as many details as we can. They will also see how many copies are remaining for that specific funnel. If they do have Kyvio or Funnelvio, then they would have a button to download the funnel to their account. But if they don't have that, what they can do is to buy Funnelvio, and get access to those funnels. Now the good thing for you is that you can get paid in the process.                                                                                 


To do so, you need to go to your Funnelvio account, then click on your name on the top right then select Account Settings.


Go to "Your Profile" and scroll down to Kyvio Affiliate Badge. Then you would need to fill in your Kyvio affiliate link. When you put in this affiliate link, anytime someone purchases Funnelvio anywhere in the funnel, you'll get paid for a commission on that purchase.