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How to place Kyvio tag on Wix

How to place Kyvio tag on Wix


How to Generate Kyvio tag code on your Smart Journeys.


1. Navigate to the Smart Journeys Module on your Kyvio account.


2. Click on Smart Journeys and select your existing Smart Journey or create a new Smart Journey.


3. Select a page from your Smart Journeys and click on options.


4. Input the Page name, Page URL and Generate a code

1. Page name - This will be the page name on your Smart Journeys.

2. Set Page URL - You need to input the Page URL you have selected from Wix here.

3. Generate tag code - After you are done filling up the fields above you can now click on Generate tag code.

4. Copy code - We are now ready to place the Kyvio tag on your Wix pages!


Placing Kyvio tag on Wix

1. From within the Dashboard, click on Settings.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and navigate to the Advanced and click on Custom code


3. Inside the Custom code, navigate to the top right area and click on Add Custom Code.


4. Now paste the Kyvio Smart Tag code inside the Code Snippet field here:


5. Make sure that you have selected the Place code in HEAD

6. Click on Apply to save changes. 

Note* You need to input the Tag code inside the Snippet code <Head>...</Head>


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