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Turn ON/OFF the Discussion feature

Turn ON/OFF the Discussion feature


You can now turn ON/OFF the option for your members to make comments/questions / discuss lesson content (per product). People can like comments, people can submit comments as private, as admin you can change comments to private and you can delete comments.

1. To do this, you have to first enable Lesson Comments as it is set to disable by default. Please go to Smart Products > Product Overview then click on Edit for the module where the lesson is.


2. Once you've clicked on edit, choose the Module and Lesson you want to enable the discussion feature then click on Edit 



3. Go to Settings > Lesson Comments then select Enabled then make sure to Save Settings the apply the changes.



4. Once the feature is enabled, a user would be able to see the lesson comments at the bottom of the page and put in their thoughts. They can also comment and like other users posts on the comments as they see fit. 



Please note that if you created your Membership Site before June 2021, then the lesson comments might not appear even after enabling it for the Lessons. But no worries, what you'll have to do is to add it manually to your account by following the steps below but still make sure that you've enabled the Lesson Comments as shown above. 


1. Go to Smart Memberships > Theme & Page Manager then select Customize Page for the Lesson Page.



2. It is similar to editing a funnel with the layout almost the same. From the editor, make sure to click on the "+" sign then select Smart Memberships.




3. Then select the Commenting System from the available options. Similar to a funnel, you'll need to make sure to Publish the page to apply all the changes. 



Then similar to the one shown above, the users would now have the option to put their comments on the lesson as well as interact with comments from different users.