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Mailvio integration with Convertful

Mailvio Integration with Convertful


What Convertful do?

Convertful is an on-site conversion tool that enables marketers to create and target personalized offers based on a visitor's segment and stage using a range of tools like a sign-up forms editor, responsive templates, advanced targeting, lead recovery, email marketing integration, A/B split testing and more.


Before Getting Started
Prior to integrating Mailvio with Convertful, you need an active Convertful account.


Integrating Mailvio with Convertful

Step 1: First, you’ll need to Add a Site to your Convertful Account, then under Actions, click the settings icon.


Step 2: Go to Integrations tab, then click Add Integration


Step 3: Choose the Mailvio logo, and press the "Connect" button. It will open a connection popup where you'll need to specify your Mailvio username/password and press the "Login and Connect" button.


Step 4: Once connected, you can specify the default group to add contacts to. It will be used for the button's action called "Add with default settings". See the "Actions" section below for more details on adding actions to buttons. 


Mapping Custom Fields

In your forms, you can use different input fields. By default, custom text fields will create relevant text fields in the Mailvio list using their label as a field name. But if you need to fine-tune it, you can specify which Mailvio field to use for each Convertful field by adding the needed name in the right column:



When editing your widget's button, inside its settings you can see “On Submit Actions” / “On Click Actions” which you can use to perform actions provided by Mailvio integration: 

  • Add subscriber with default settings
  • Add subscriber to a group
  • Remove subscriber from a group
  • Update custom field

"Add with default settings" will add subscribers to the group you specified as "Default" in the integration settings. You can also specify the needed group manually for each form using the "Add subscriber to a group" action. 

"Update custom field" allows sending specified field names and values in the background, which is a useful tool for list segmentation. Also, you can use the "Update custom field" to send the dynamic data to the integration. To use dynamic data as the field value, you need to click the square bracket icon { } and choose the needed dynamic parameter: