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How to embed forms on any site


Mailvio offers a straightforward process for embedding signup forms on various platforms, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your email marketing efforts. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to embed signup forms using Mailvio.


Step 1: Log in to your Mailvio account.

Step 2: Access the Forms section: Once logged in, navigate to the Forms section within your Mailvio account.

Step 3: Choose the form type: In the Forms section, you'll find two options: Embedded forms and Hosted forms. Select the Embedded option for integrating the form into your platform.

Step 4: Select the form settings: Specify the form type, such as Full Width, and proceed to the form editor page.

Step 5: Customize the form fields: On the editor page, you'll see default fields like First Name and Email Address. Assign the appropriate column for each field where user details should be entered.

Step 6: Add custom fields (if required): If you need additional fields, click on Add Custom Field and provide the field name. This step is helpful when creating custom forms or collecting specific information from contacts/subscribers.

Step 7: Configure form options: Customize the form according to your preferences. You can modify the submit button text, change colors, and apply other design adjustments.

Step 8: Set form submission actions: Proceed to step two, where you can choose to show a successful message or redirect users to another site after they fill in the form. This allows you to guide users or provide them with additional content upon submission.

Step 9: Handle existing email addresses: In step three, define the behavior when an email address already exists. Options include redirection, showing a message, or updating profiling.

Step 10: Choose the opt-in type (double or single): Step four provides the option to design a confirmation email for double opt-in. If you prefer a single opt-in, you can skip this step.

Step 11: Review and complete setup: Follow any additional steps as needed to finalize the form configuration.

Step 12: Retrieve the form code: Once all settings are in place, click on Finish. Mailvio will provide you with a code snippet for the signup form. If your platform supports JavaScript, use the provided code. Otherwise, use the simple HTML code.

Step 13: Embed the form: Copy the code snippet and paste it into the desired location on your sales page, website, or any platform that accepts JavaScript or HTML.

Step 14: Enable double opt-in (optional): If you prefer double opt-in, you can enable it during the setup process. Keep in mind that this setting cannot be reversed once activated.


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