How to place Kyvio tag on InstaPage

How to place Kyvio tag on InstaPage


How to Generate Kyvio tag code on your Smart Journeys.


1. Navigate to the Smart Journeys Module on your Kyvio account.


2. Click on Smart Journeys and select your existing Smart Journey or create a new Smart Journey.


3. Select a page from your Smart Journeys and click on options.


4. Input the Page name, Page URL and Generate a code

1. Page name - This will be the page name on your Smart Journeys.

2. Set Page URL - You need to input the Page URL you have selected from InstaPage here.

3. Generate tag code - After you are done filling up the fields above you can now click on Generate tag code.

4. Copy code - We are now ready to place the Kyvio tag on your pages on InstaPage 


Placing Kyvio tag on Instapage

To set up a Kyvio tag, follow these simple steps.

1. From the page builder, select the Javascript setting situated on the right sidebar:

2. Now paste the Kyvio Tag into the assigned section: Header:


Adding custom HTML and CSS to your landing page is done the same way, you just need to use the HTML/CSS tab from the Settings menu.

The custom code will only execute in the live environment, on the published page. The codes will not execute in the editor and they are not meant to work in preview mode either. If you are unsure whether a code works or not, publish the page and check it on the live URL. 

Note* You need to input the Tag code inside the head tracking code <Head>...</Head>


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