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Cross-sell feature in Smart Products

Cross-sell feature in Smart Products


We have added the feature of Cross-selling (or bump offer) where you can offer a last-minute upgrade / additional offer with the simple checkbox on the checkout page. This is currently only supported for Kyvio checkout with the Stripe payment platform. To enable this, please use the steps below to add a cross-sell product under Smart Products. If you have yet to create a product on your account and want to know how to add it to a funnel, please click here to set up one. 


1. After you've set up your Smart Product you can now add a cross-sell feature as you want. First, go to the Smart Product that you wish to add a cross-sell by going to Smart Products > Product Overview, select the product then click on Settings under Actions



2. Then go to Step 3. Payment & Pricing then click on Add Price Variant



3. Similar to creating a product, please make sure to fill out all the needed details. The important thing here is that you choose Cross-Sell as the pricing type to trigger this feature on the checkout page later on. Lastly, do make sure to hit on Save to apply all the changes you made. 



4. Upon completing this, a customer should now be able to see it when they purchase your product on the checkout page. If you need help with how to add your Smart Product to your funnel, please see the link that is shared above. On the checkout page, the customer will see an option at the cross-sell offer at the bottom of the page, and if he/she clicks on Yes then it will automatically be added to the order summary.