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To access your Kyvio account, log in and go to the Conversations tab on the navigation bar. There, you'll find an inbox that captures all customer emails. You can easily view and respond to their queries within the system. The inbox is organized into four tabs: "Unread," "Recent," "Starred," and "All," which help you manage conversations efficiently. With just a few clicks, you can initiate professional email correspondence with your customers, improving communication effectiveness.

1. The "Unread" tab in Kyvio's Conversations section allows you to view all the unread replies from your customers. It's a convenient way to quickly identify and respond to messages you haven't addressed yet

2. The "Recent" tab displays the most recent replies from your customers. It helps you stay updated on the latest interactions and ensures you're aware of any new messages that require your attention.

3. The "Starred" tab is useful for marking and organizing important customer replies. If you have ongoing or high-priority conversations with specific individuals, you can star or mark their messages in this tab. This feature helps you easily locate and access those chats later.

4. In the "All" tab, you'll find all the stored conversations, including unread messages, recent replies, and the ones you've starred. This provides a comprehensive view of all your customer communications, making it easy to search for specific names or clients and initiate conversations with them. So, when you access the Conversations section, clicking on it will initially take you to the "Unread" tab. However, you can also explore the other tabs to manage and engage with your customers effectively.



Inside the filters, you can customize your conversation view similar to an email inbox. You have options to filter messages based on various criteria, such as specific keywords mentioned in the replies or if they are assigned to you or your partners. Once you select the desired filters, you can apply them, and the conversations that meet the criteria will be displayed.



When no one has replied to an email yet, the conversation tab may appear empty. However, as soon as you receive email replies, they will be directly accessible within the conversation tabs in Kyvio. This eliminates the need to switch to another platform to respond to your emails. You can conveniently utilize the conversation tab in Kyvio to manage and reply to your emails efficiently.