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How to Use Kyvio Conversations to Manage Your Email Conversations with Customers




Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Accessing Conversations To access the Conversations feature, log in to your Kyvio account and click on the Conversations tab in the navigation bar. You will see four tabs: Unread, Recent, Starred, and All.

  2. Using Filters To search for specific emails, you can use filters. Click on the Filters button and select the criteria you want to filter by, such as email address or last message. Once you have selected your criteria, click on Apply and the filtered results will be displayed.

  3. Replying to Emails To reply to an email, click on the email in the Conversations tab and type your response in the reply box. You can also attach files or images to your email response.

  4. Prioritizing Conversations To prioritize important conversations, you can star them. To do this, click on the Star icon next to the email. This will add the conversation to the Starred tab, where you can easily access it.