Use of Anchor feature in Kyvio

Use of Anchor feature in Kyvio


A walkthrough about the Anchor feature


Create a new text element 


To get started, allow us to show you something that will serve as a good trick where you can connect one text to different areas of your website. This is useful if say for example you are building a JV page and have a menu that says "Affiliate Links" or "Funnels".  Then you can select that "Funnel" text and it will direct you to the funnel section of your website.


If you want to make that happen, first, go to the text element where you want to go. In this tutorial, we choose the "Section 2" element. Then click on the pencil icon and click Properties.



In the Options tab, put in the Anchor Name (for this tutorial we use the name "Section 2") and make sure to click on "Apply".


Then jump back to the first section and edit the text. You can simply do that by either double-clicking inside the element box or you can right-click and then click on "Edit Text".


From the text editor bar, click on the link option as shown in the image below.


A pop-up window will show up, and on the Link Properties, select the "Page on Your Website" option as shown below. This is where the link will connect to, and then click "Apply". This will then connect the two sections.


On the Basic Editor, you can do basic changes such as having the texts in Bold, Italicized, Underlined, or have it in bullet points, etc.


You can also choose Custom Fonts and even do more edits on the texts by clicking on the "Edit Styles" option located at the bottom part of the dropdown as shown in the image below:


Under the Advanced section, you can transform the texts if you want to have it capitalized, switch to uppercase or lowercase. You can also set the distance for the Margin/Padding.


Under the Standard section, you can choose the FontFont SizeLine Spacing/HeightLetter SpacingText AlignmentStyle, and Colour. The best part is that you can preview it while you are doing the changes.


The Link section allows you to change the color of the link text and the link hover.


If you want to link a text to a section of the page, you can click on the pencil icon of that particular section, then click "Properties".


And under the Options section, simply input the Anchor Name and then click "Apply".