PaykickStart integration

PaykickStart integration

To integrate Kyvio 2.0 with your PaykickStart account, please follow the instructions below:


1. Log in to your Kyvio 2.0 account then head over to Integrations.

PKS 1.png


2. Click on the NEW INTEGRATION button on the top right.

PKS 2.png


3. Put the name for the integration then select PaykickStart as your provider.

PKS 3.png


4. For the PaykickStart integration you'll need two details which are the API and Secret Key.

PKS 4.png


5. To get the API Key, log in to your PaykickStart account then head over to Configure > Platform Settings.

PKS 5.png


6. From the Platform Settings, go down to API Key, copy it then paste it to your integration in Kyvio 2.0.

PKS 6.png


7. To get the Secret Key, you'll need to click on edit a specific Campaign to get it as the key is only generated per campaign. 

PKS 7.png


8. From the Campaign, head over to Integrations > Secret key. Copy the code then paste it on your integration for Kyvio 2.0.

PKS 8.png


9. Once you've added in both keys, click on Save Integration and a message should appear if it's successful. You can also test the integration, all you have to do is to Edit icon then Test Integration. A message should appear if the integration is successful.PKS 9.png

NOTE: If you have multiple campaigns you must create multiple integrations as well because the integration is set per campaign.