How to import a funnel?

How to import a funnel?


A tutorial on how to import a funnel into the Smart Funnels System


1. To start, click on "New Funnel" located at the top right part of the page. You can then see the options that you can choose for the funnel type.


2. Select "Import Funnel"

3. Click "Next"


4. You will have the option to import from URL (which is the standard option at the moment), then click "+Add"


5. In the box that says "Page 1", input the URL that you want to import from.

6. Select "Presell Page" for the Page type

7. Click "Next"


8. Input the Funnel Name of your choosing

9. Click "Create Funnel"


Note: It is going to take a few minutes to a few hours due to the queue of all the imports that are coming in. Once the import is done, you will get a notification saying that the import was successful.


You can also go to the funnel by clicking the edit button.


Check the status if it is already in published mode--that means the page has been successfully imported.


Once the page has been created, you can either view or edit the page.


To edit the page in the builder:


Click on the edit button. 


As you scroll down, you can see that everything has been imported. 

(NOTE: Sometimes the fonts are a bit not lined up, all you have to do is click on the box of the designated content that needs to be adjusted, then click on the edit icon at the top right part of the box). 


Click on "Properties". Here you can adjust the opacity, change the font, and the way everything is laid out.



Another way to edit: Simply to double-click inside the box, select the content that you want to edit using the options shown at the top portion of the box.