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Reporting inside Kyvio



"The system is designed to be a comprehensive business platform that can significantly enhance your business growth. With the reporting feature, you can easily keep track of your calls and take your business to the next level. It is located on the top navigation bar and is color-coded for easy identification. In the call reporting section, you can monitor both missed and answered calls. It provides you with detailed information such as the number of calls made up to a specific time, the names of the individuals contacted, their phone numbers, the duration of the calls, and even the type of device used. This allows you to effectively track and manage your call activities."



You can also utilize the highlighted bar in the image to determine the exact time of day when a call was made. If this information is not currently displayed, you can simply click on the timeline. For example, let's say you want to examine the last call made and check how many calls were made between the first and fourth.



Consequently, if you want to view the call history for a span of four days, you can select the desired timeframe and click "check." Upon doing so, all the missed or answered calls within that timeframe will be displayed for your convenience.



In addition to the features mentioned earlier, you can also apply filters to further refine your search within the contact tab. This means you can specify criteria such as the duration of the calls, keywords related to the call, or even search by the name of the person involved. Once you have entered your preferred filters, simply click on "update filters", and the system will display the precise data you are looking for. It's a comprehensive way to track and analyze your call data from top to bottom.