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Mailvio integration with Zapier




Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to Integrations and click Add Integration.


Step 2: From there, click View/Install under Zapier. And you’ll see Zapier templates but if it’s not there, you can just click below the See More Mailvio.


Step 3: Go to Zapier and once you’re login, you’ll see the dashboard and just select Mailvio and any app to connect with it.

Note: In this case, we’re using Google Sheets to connect with Mailvio.


Step 4: Set your action trigger on what you want to happen and then click the Try It button.


Step 5: From there, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Mailvio account and it will ask you for API Key.


Step 6: To get your API Key, go to your Mailvio and select the API Keys tab then click Create API Key. Put whatever you want to name it.


Step 7: Once done creating a new API, make sure to enable it. 


Step 8: Copy the key and make sure that there’s no domain beside it. 


Step 9: Go back to Zapier and paste the API key and click the Yes, Continue button.


Step 10: From there, click Continue and fill all the required fields.


Step 11: Once done with Mailvio, you’ll be routed to the 2nd app you connected with and same with Mailvio, just click Continue and fill all the required fields.


And you’re done with integrating with Zapier. If you have further questions, please reach out to us here