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Mailvio integration with LeadSync

Mailvio Integration with LeadSync

What LeadSync do?

LeadSync sends instant notifications of new Facebook Ad leads via email, SMS, and to most popular CRM's and email marketing platforms. Respond instantly with email Autoresponders.


Before Getting Started
Prior to integrating Mailvio with LeadSync, you need an active LeadSync account.


Integrating Mailvio with Poptin

Step 1: First, you’ll need the API key from your Mailvio account.

To get the API key, head to the API keys page in the Integration section of your account.



Step 2: From your LeadSync account, go to Connections then click the Add Connection button.


Step 3: Select Mailvio from the dropdown, then paste the API Key into the API Key field in your LeadSync connection and click Update.


Step 4: Select the list you want your Facebook leads to be added to and click Update again.


Step 5: Now go to the Lead Forms section and click on Add Facebook Lead Form.


Step 6: Select your Page, Form, and the Mailvio connection from the dropdowns and click Update.


Step 7: Now map the email field from your Facebook form to the email field in Mailvio and click update.