Membervio - Quickstart Guide

Membervio - Quickstart Guide


This document is to provide step-by-step guidance on how to initially set up your Membervio Account. We suggest completing all the basic steps below before moving to more advanced use of the product. In this guide we want you to achieve the following: 

1. Creating your Membership Product

2. Adding Modules and Lessons to your product

3. Setting up your Smart Memberships

4. Importing your members

5. Setting up your integrations 

6. Overview of Smart Membership Dashboard

Creating your Membership Product

Once you've set up your integration, you may create your Membership Product. Please see the link below to see the step-by-step guide on the process. 

How to create a Membership Product?


Adding Modules and Lessons to your product
Please use the articles below to guide you in adding your content to your modules and lessons:


How to add modules to your Smart Product?


How to add content to your lesson?


Setting up your Smart Memberships

This is a crucial step for your Smart Memberships. Please see the onboarding process video that we've created to help you: 

START HERE - Smart Memberships walkthrough by Neil Napier


Importing your members

This is done once you've set up your Membership Product and Smart Memberships. Please see the guide below on how to import your members to your Membership Site: 

How to import members to Smart Memberships?


Setting up your integrations

After you've created your Membership Site and Product, the next step would be to set up your integrations. With Membervio, you can integrate your own autoresponder, SMTP, and much more. This will help you, especially when creating your product. Make sure to click on the link for each integration within the article to see the step-by-step guide. 

How to do all integrations supported for Kyvio 2.0?

Overview of Smart Membership Dashboard

Please see the links below to check how each part of Smart Membership works

Smart Memberships - Dashboard
Smart Memberships - Membership Products
Smart Memberships - Theme & Page Manager
Smart Memberships - Members Manager
Smart Memberships - Email Settings
Smart Memberships - General Settings
Smart Memberships - Reports & Stats