Membership Support Page

Membership Support Page


Once everything is configured. You can now start the tutorial for Membervio - Support Page and follow the instructions provided below:


  1. Access Smart Membership > Theme & Page Manager and then select the Support page (as shown in the screenshot
  2. If you have an existing help page or slugs, you can just input a link to the textbox or in number 4 below and hit the Save button. 

    Here’s an example:


Note: If you don’t have a help page yet, you can simply proceed with the next step. Ignore this next step if you already have an existing page for help page.


  1. If you want to create a page, you can create one here:


  1. Once, you clicked the Add New Page you can create your preferred name for that page and then click on Save button.

5. Now that you created your page, you can have an option to customize the page and visit page

6. If you proceed to customized the page you can now edit your preferred content right through the builder. Once your done you can simply hit the Publish button. 



7. Once you’re finished with that, you can customize slug for the page proceed to input that to the textbox of support page or you can follow Step 2 for that.


Lastly, if you want to visit your page. You can have a look of an actual view of your own page and slug.