Smart Funnels Editor - Calendar

Smart Funnels Editor - Calendar


A walkthrough on how to use the Calendar element in Funnelvio. 


First, click on the + on the top left of your builder page, then select Advanced from the list.


Then from the list, click on either v1 or v2 of Google Calendar or select the Add button. 


After adding the element to your funnel page, you can click on the Edit button and then select the Properties of the element. Please take note that the default language for your calendar is the same as your country, but you may still change it later on.


From the Properties tab, you log in to your Google calendar ID and Calendar name


Additionally, you may also change the LanguageTime Zone, and First day (of the week) to match the design and audience of your funnel. 


You may also configure View modeBorder, and Background color to match the design aesthetic of your funnel.


Lastly, you can also Add or Remove options on the navigation bar on top of your Google Calendar as you see fit.