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Signup and Setting of Business Profile




Introducing Kyvio, a powerful business platform that will take your business to new levels! By signing up, you'll unlock access to an exceptional CRM, your ultimate hub. Inside the CRM, the launchpad will be your starting point. Simply head to the settings option at the bottom of the launchpad to easily set up your profile.



Within the General settings, you'll find your business profile. Here, you have the opportunity to provide essential information such as your account details, location, smart academy name, legal business name, business email, business phone number, business website (if applicable), and your business niche. Once you've entered this information, simply hit the update button to save your changes. Make sure your profile is complete and accurate!



Next, you will need to provide your business's physical address, including the street address, city, postal code, region, country, time zone, and language. Once you have entered this information, you can click on the "Update" button.



After completing the previous steps, scroll down to authorize a representative. Additionally, you can conveniently input your information and then click "Update"



To ensure accuracy in your business profile. Remember, you have the option to consolidate all the necessary information in this section. These are the main things that you need to do inside your business profile



"Missed Call Text back" this feature can be enabled that allows you to do, When you receive an incoming call, and you're unable to answer you may have the option to automatically send a preset text message to the caller like "Hi this is {{location, name}} I saw that we just missed your call how can I help?" . The text message is then sent to the caller without you having to manually compose and send it.



After completing the previous steps, it's important to focus on domains. If you have a funnel or website, you'll need to purchase a domain for it. You have several options for purchasing a domain, such as Code Av, Namecheap, Bluehost,, or your preferred domain hosting service. Once you've purchased a domain from any of these providers, you can easily add it to the Kyvio system.



You can connect your domain by following these steps to connect your domain inside the Kyvio system.

  • Click on "Add New Domain" in your hosting settings.
  • Add the A record, which points to the numerical IP address you want to associate with your domain.
  • Add the CNAME record, specifically for the subdomain (e.g.,, that you want to direct to the address flashed or
  • Save the changes in your hosting settings.
  • Once you've added both the A and CNAME records, revisit your hosting settings and enter your main domain (e.g., and click "Add." Select your funnel or desired destination for the domain.
  • Similarly, add the subdomain (e.g., and click "Add."
  • Choose the appropriate funnel or destination for the subdomain.
  • Click "Link" to finalize the connection between your domain and the Kyvio system.



After completing that step, you can head to the integrations section to connect your Google account, if desired. Additionally, you have the option to connect any other available integrations to fully utilize their functionalities. You can experiment and test the main payment gateway within the Kyvio system to determine its effectiveness.



Access your email services easily when performing the task. Reply promptly to messages. When resetting or forwarding settings, choose your personal email address as the recipient for customer replies. This way, responses will be directed to both your personal email inbox and the conversation tab in Kyvio system. Make sure your business profile and provided email address for replies are consistent. By doing this, your specified email address will be displayed on the “sent emails”. Remember to save changes after updating this information. These steps are essential for effectively managing your Kyvio system.