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KVleadz is a comprehensive lead-generation tool that provides you with unique and up-to-date results based on your target market and audience. With KVLeadz, you can conduct your research, contact your leads, and better categorize them, all while saving time, money, and effort.


One of the main advantages of KVLeadz is that it is a unique tool that provides you with results unique to your target.

You can create campaigns from each of the four features:

  1. Page Scraper, 
  2. Google Places
  3. Local B2B database
  4. Online B2B database

These features allow you to extract data from web pages, get more comprehensive search results for your potential leads, and collect data and information about businesses, often organized by industry, location, or other criteria.  
KVLeadz is also very user-friendly and easy to troubleshoot, making it a great tool for both  
beginners and experts. The step-by-step training videos and screenshots provided by the tool make it easy to get started and use the tool to its full potential.