Smart Funnels Editor - Skype

Smart Funnels Editor - Skype


A walkthrough on how to use the Skype element in Funnelvio. 

First, click on the + on the top left of your builder page, then select Advanced from the list.


Then from the list, click Skype Im Online or select the Add button. 


After adding the element to your funnel page, you can click on the Edit button then select the Properties of the element. Please take note that if you choose the Bubble style/design for the button it will always appear at the bottom right side of your page. Whereas for both Rounded and Rectangle, the button will show where you exactly placed it on the funnel page. 


From the Properties tab, you can choose the style of your button be it either of the following that will show up on your funnel page. 

  1. Bubble 
  2. Rounded  
  3. Rectangle  


Within the Properties, you can also change the following features: 

  1. Show icon - to show the Skype icon or just the text in the button label field
  2. Button Colour - use the default color or change the color in line with your design aesthetic
  3. Button Label - change the default text to you see fit