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White label your tracking links

In this article, you will learn how to white-label your tracking links. This involves adding two important records in your DNS manager: the tracking domain and the CDN domain. 


Why White-Labeling Your Links Is Important.

White-labeling your tracking links is crucial for several reasons. It enhances the trust and credibility of your emails by ensuring that your links appear to come from your own domain rather than a third-party source. This can significantly improve your domain reputation, which is vital for email deliverability and ensuring your emails land in the inbox rather than the spam folder. 

By white-labeling your links, you control the reputation of your domain, avoiding any negative impacts from other users who might be using the same tracking domain. This leads to better email performance and a more professional brand presence. 

Tracking Domains: A tracking domain is used to track email opens, clicks, and other user interactions with your email campaigns. By using a custom tracking domain, you can improve the deliverability of your emails, enhance brand recognition, and ensure more accurate reporting of your marketing efforts. 

CDN Domains: A CDN (Content Delivery Network) domain is used to serve content more efficiently to your recipients by distributing the load across multiple servers located in different geographic locations. 

This ensures faster content delivery and a better user experience for your audience. 

Below are the steps to be followed 

Step 1: Begin by accessing your profile name and navigating to the "company profile" section in your Mailvio account


Step 2: Click on "Add & Verify Tracking Domain" to initiate the white-labeling process. Input your subdomain in the provided field 


Step 3: Copy the CNAME record that is generated for your tracking domain, as this will be required for your DNS records. 


Step 4: Move to your hosting provider's platform (e.g., NameCheap) and paste the CNAME record in the appropriate section within your DNS settings. 


Step 5: Once you have added the CNAME record to your hosting provider, return to Mailvio and click on "continue" to progress with the white-labeling setup. 


Step 6: If you have CDN domains that also require white-labeling, repeat the same process by copying the provided CNAME record and adding it to your hosting provider's DNS records. Click "Continue" after completion. 






Step 7: To complete the white-labeling process, click on "authenticate" within Mailvio and patiently wait for the DNS record to authenticate your customized tracking links. This step finalizes the white labeling of your tracking links and ensures a seamless branded experience for your recipients.