Smart Funnels Editor - Top Menu

Smart Funnels Editor - Top Menu


A walkthrough of all of the elements on the page and what they represent. 


When you first land on the page, the top left (Page Icon) shows all the pages in your funnel. You can select one and edit it as you see fit. 

Next is a feature that allows you to set up either Auto Layout so that your page can be automatically optimized for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. Or you may select one of the available options then customize the page accordingly for those devices. (Note: selecting the Auto-Layout feature may take a couple of minutes to complete)


The next feature gives you the option to either change the template or reset it altogether to how it was. 


Next feature allows you to change the different settings on your builder page:


Settings icon: 

1. SEO - General tab will help you set up the Title, Description, Keywords, User-friendly URL, and Image which you can do so for all pages listed. Analytics tab will help you connect it with Google Analytics Tracking ID, Google Webmaster Tools Guide, and Sitemap URL.



2. Background - This is for the entire page and you can customize as you see fit. You can put in an Image, you can choose a Color and you can also edit the Padding entirely up to you.


3. Style - This will give you the fonts and such all across the board. You can change the font style, size, line height, letter spacing, and color. It also has the option to customize the links and how they would look like.


4. Favicon - This has a default favicon but you may also change it to your own.


5. Site Settings:

  1. General: Publish Site with forced HTTPS, Publish Site with forced redirection, Forced trailing slash symbol "/" in each page URL and Disable mouse right-click on Site.   
  2. Meta Information: This is where you put in you Meta Information and Meta Tags  
  3. Scripts: You can put in scripts if you want to like retargeting pixels and such
  4. Robots.txt: You have the option to enable robots.txt for search engine crawlers like Google
  5. Cookie Policy: This is where you place your Cookie Policy which is highly recommended for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) purposes.



Help Icon: This is where you can quickly see any tutorials available within this tool itself and see how they are to be used. Various slides are put together to show the different features that are used.