Smart Funnels Editor - Table

Smart Funnels Editor - Table


A tutorial on how to make use of the Table Element


You can access the Table Element by simply clicking on the "Plus" icon at the top left corner of the builder and then click on "Advanced" button. Please see the image below.


Select the table of your choosing by simply clicking on the item itself and it should appear in the page builder right away.


Note: If you want to move the table around, it is better to click on the upper left corner icon instead of clicking somewhere in the middle of the table because the element is interactive and it may cause unnecessary adjustments of the borders.


The table works like a spreadsheet, so, if you right-click on any of the cells, you will see the options to Insert a row (above/below), Insert a column (above/below), Remove a row (above/below), Remove a column (above/below), Edit Cell TextsClear Cells, etc.


Another quick way to edit a cell is to simply double-click it and you will see the Basic Editor bar for you to modify the text as you see fit.


Clicking on "Properties", under the General Section will give you the options to edit the Background ColorBorder (between the cells), and Cell Padding (this how much space will be in between cells).


If you want to clear the text out of the cell, simply hover your mouse pointer to the cell you want to remove, then right-click and you will see the option that says "Clear Cell(s)". OR you can simply double-click on the cell, highlight the text, and press the "delete" or "backspace" key in your keyboard.


Inserting a row or a column will depend on where your mouse pointer is positioned. As an example in the image below, if your mouse is pointing at the number 2, when you choose to Insert a row above, the added row will appear on top of number 2.