Membership Modules Page

Membership Modules Page


Hello there! In case you missed our QuickStart guide for Membervio. We highly suggest for you to check it first here


Once everything is configured. You can now start the tutorial for Membervio - Module Page and follow the instructions provided below:


  1. Access Smart Membership > Theme & Page Manager and then select the Module page (as shown in the screenshot)

  1. If you wish to customize your page. You will be redirected to the page builder. Here you can view all the details for your module:


You can add as many elements you prefer here:


If you wish to change and add your Logo, you can do it here:


Also, if you want additional details and to add  your social media link you can do that here:


  1. Once you’re done with all the adjustments inside the builder, you can simply hit the Publish button to save all your work.


  1. Lastly, if you want to visit your page. You can have a look of an actual view of your own page and slug.


If you need any help please contact us here.