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How to embed an Email opt-in form on Smart Funnels

How to embed an Email opt-in form on Smart Funnels


A walkthrough on how to put an email opt-in form on a page inside of Mailvio


NOTE: You need access to your Autoresponder. (For this tutorial, we use Mailvio)


Let's get started!


1. From your Funnel Overview page, select the funnel that you want to work on, then click the Edit button.


2. Go to the page where you want to embed the opt-in form by clicking on the Edit button. (For this case, the Presell Page which is typically an Opt-In Page)

NOTE: You may notice that it takes a few seconds for the page to load if you have a really long page.


3. Select the area where you want to place the form, then click on the "Plus" button at the top left part of the page.


4. Click on "Advanced" from the menu.


4. Select "Custom HTML", then simply drag and drop it to where you exactly want to place it.


5. Go to your autoresponder (for this tutorial, we use Mailvio), and on the Forms page, click on the "Share Form" icon of the form you want to use, and that will give you the Embed Code.


6. Copy the code by clicking on the Copy icon as shown in the image below. 

NOTE: You can choose any of the embed options that suites you best. For this case, we use Iframe.


7. Go back to the Presell page in your Funnel, then double click on the Custom HTML box.

8. Paste the code in the HTML code box.


9. You can click on "Options" tab to adjust the properties such as size, position, etc. Once you are all set, click on "Apply" located at the bottom right part of the box.


10. Click on "Save Draft" from the "Publish" button dropdown located at the top right part of the page.


11. Click on "Preview" beside the "Publish" button to see how it exactly looks like.


12. You can click on "Back to Editor" button if you need to edit the size of the box. You can do that by simply dragging the sizing handles.


NOTE: Always remember to click on "Save draft" to make sure all the changes are being saved.

13. Click on "Publish".

14. Go back to your Funnel and test the page by click on the eye icon.