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Chat Widget, Media And URL Redirects Utilization


Chat Widget

The Chat Widget offered by Kyvio is an invaluable tool that can catalyze the growth of your business to the next level. With this feature, you can seamlessly engage with your customers and prospects, enhancing your overall user experience. The Chat Widget provides a direct and efficient means of communication, allowing you to address inquiries and provide prompt support, trust and loyalty among your client base. By leveraging this interactive element, it can effectively convert leads, boost sales, and solidify your online presence.



The chat widget, commonly found on websites, is a small bubble usually positioned in the bottom right corner. By clicking on it, visitors can initiate a conversation with the website's representatives in real-time. In Kyvio, we offer a Chatable feature that functions similarly. With Chatable, you have the flexibility to customize the intro message displayed to users. You can choose phrases like "Hi! Do you have a question?" or "Text us here" to encourage visitors to engage in a conversation. Feel free to modify the intro message as per your preferences.



"You can also edit this image to use your own image, your business logo, or any other image that you think is best for you. Please ensure that the file size is less than 300 KB



The next step is to invite visitors to come back. These could be customers who have already visited your website. Once they return, you can set up a personalized welcome message for them. This is the initial step towards creating a chat bubble.



The next is the chat widget windows.



The first item on the list is the header, which represents the questions visitors may have. Following the header, there is an introductory message. The paragraph provided “Enter your question below and a representative will get right back to you” will serve as the introductory message.



The next is the email field with an Enable/Disable option having heading “Add Email Field” Next, in the legal Massage By submitting the form, you are consenting to receive SMS or email communications through the provided Channel. Please note that charges may apply for these services.



In the chat video, you have the option to customize the color scheme. Instead of blue, you can choose to change it to either black or a shade of gray. This allows you to align the color with your branding preferences, too. You can utilize the corresponding color code provided like (#000 for black, #999 for gray).



You have complete freedom to label your brand according to your preference. Likewise, you can effortlessly customize the name to your company's unique identity and determine how it should be prominently displayed within the chat video.



After Chat bubble and Widget window, the Third step is the Acknowledgement setting.



In the third step, you have the option to provide customer support contact information, such as your email or phone number. This ensures that clients with urgent issues can easily reach out to you for assistance. The second aspect is the acknowledgement or greeting message. You can express gratitude by saying "Thank you" or "Thank you for reaching out with any questions." Feel free to use the same message or customize it to suit your preferences. This message appears after users submit their forms or messages in the chat box. Once you've made the desired changes, simply click "Save" to apply them. You can then utilize the updated settings in your chat box.



If you have a WordPress website, you can easily use the Kyvio chat widget on your site. To do this, simply click .on "Get Code" in Kyvio, and it will generate the necessary code for you. Copy the code, then navigate to your WordPress website and find the section where you can add custom HTML. Paste the code there, and the chat widget will be added to your WordPress site. This allows you to integrate the Kyvio chat functionality seamlessly into your website.



The media library, when you click on "Open Media Library".  A new dialog box will appear titled "Merge All your Assets in one place." By clicking on "Upload", you can easily add your videos, pictures, and any other files that you want to include in the media library. Simply click on "Upload files" and begin selecting and uploading your desired videos, pictures, or events to access the Media Library in “WordPress”, you can click on "Open Media Library." From there, a dialog box titled "Merge All your Assets in one place" will appear. By selecting "Upload," you can begin uploading various media files such as videos, pictures, and even your company logo into the library.

To upload files, simply click on "Upload Files" and select the files you wish to upload from your computer. You can then proceed to upload your videos, pictures, or any other desired assets. Once uploaded, these files will be neatly organized within the Media Library, making it easy for you to manage and utilize them according to your needs.



URL Redirects

"URL Redirects" are an essential tool for optimizing website navigation. By implementing URL redirects, you can seamlessly direct visitors to specific pages or paths on your website, enhancing their user experience. For example: suppose you have a domain like, and you want users who search for to be redirected to the account creation page instead of the main page. In Kyvio, setting up URL redirects is straightforward. You simply enter the desired domain path, such as, and save the configuration. Next, you have the flexibility to choose where you want your customers to be directed. It could be a specific funnel within Kyvio or an external URL. Utilizing URL redirects effectively can greatly improve the flow of your website, ultimately leading to higher conversions and happier visitors.