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Redirect Manager - How to create redirects on your Kyvio domain

Redirect Manager - How to create redirects on your Kyvio domain


What is a redirect?

A redirect also known as URL redirection is the process of intentionally forwarding traffic from one URL or domain to another. Redirect Manager will help you redirect traffic from any URL on a Kyvio hosted domain to any other URL, this includes your Funnel pages and Business sites as well as Membership sites and the root (home) URL.


You can also use URL redirects for URL shortening, to prevent broken links when web pages are moved to allow multiple domain names belonging to the same owner to refer to a single website. You can also forward your subdomain, a domain that is part of a larger domain.


The following VARIABLES are available for your redirect URL:

%client.request.fullfilepath% - full path after the domain including trailing '/', A trailing slash is a forward-slash (“/”) placed at the end of a URL e.g. site.com/ or site.com/page/. 

%client.request.params% - These are the elements inserted in your URLs to help you filter and organize content or track information on your website. these are the URL parameters after '?' in the URL e.g. site.com/page?someparam=value


Steps on adding new URL redirect

1. Input the URL that you want to redirect in the "IF URL matches" field. When someone visits your site with a URL that matches this one, a redirect will occur.
2. After that input the URL that you wanted to be redirected to the "Then redirect to" field, If a requested URL matches "IF URL matches", they will be redirected here.  

3. Click on "Add rule" to save the settings.


Managing URL redirects

To check all the redirects you have already added, navigate to "Redirect rules" at the bottom.

 Note* You cannot edit redirects; instead, you have to delete and re-create them.


If you need any help please contact us at support@kvsocial.com