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How to setup your Membership in order to launch your Course



Section 1: Setting up your course

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Memberships > Products section.
  2. Click on the product that has already been created. You will see a skeleton structure of the course.
  3. To add a new category, click on the plus sign. To edit an existing category, click on it and modify the title and thumbnail as required.
  4. To add a lesson, click on the plus sign. Upload the lesson, change the title name, add a description, and attach any PDF files and thumbnails as required. Then click "Save."

Section 2: Previewing your course and customizing it

  1. Once you have finished creating your course, preview it to ensure it looks good.
  2. Click on the "Details" button to add a course name, description, thumbnail, and customizations.
  3. Choose a template and customize it by adding your picture, name, title, bio, logo, and favicon.

Section 3: Adding a lock system to your course

  1. If you want to prevent clients from accessing the fifth module until they complete the first four, use the lock system.
  2. Under the Memberships > Products section, click on the product and select the "Lock System" option.
  3. Set the lock system to require the completion of modules 1-4 before accessing module 5.
  4. Alternatively, you can use the "Drip" option to release modules according to a specific timeline.

Section 4: Creating an offer for your course

  1. Go to the Memberships > Offers section and create a new offer for your course.
  2. Add your course title and the product you created earlier.
  3. Connect your course to the offer by selecting it from the list of products.
  4. Add a thumbnail and edit the price if necessary.
  5. If you have a one-time offer, product, or subscription plan, add it here.

Section 5: Setting up payment for your course

  1. Go to the Payments section and create a new digital service product.
  2. Give it a name and description, and set the price.
  3. Choose the membership offer you created earlier under the "Initial Options" section.
  4. Click "Create" to save your product.
  5. Go to the Memberships > Offers section and make sure your product is successfully linked to the offer.
  6. Set the price and save the plan.