Sendinblue integration

Sendinblue integration


To integrate Kyvio 2.0 with Sendinblue, please follow the instructions provided below:


1. Log in to your Kyvio 2.0 account then go to Integrations:

SIB 1.png


2. Click on the ‘+NEW INTEGRATION’ button then fill out the details for the Name and Provider:

SIB 2.png


3. After you filled out all the details as well as selected Sendinblue from the list. It will now ask you to enter the API Key.

SIB 3.png


4. Log in to your Sendinblue account ( and navigate to Advanced > API then from there, you will see your v3 API key. COPY it.

SIB 4.png 


5. Go back to your Kyvio integration setup, and paste the API key in the API input box then click on ‘SAVE INTEGRATION’ button:
SIB 5.png


6. After saving the integration, our system will automatically test and activate it. This will complete the integration set-up.


With the integration above, it gives you the option to add a customer to a list in Sendinblue whenever they bought a Product you create via Funnelvio or if certain conditions are met depending on how it is set up. Here's an example that adds a user to my list in Sendinblue automatically after a successful purchase/registration for a product: 

Ways to use API integration with Sendinblue:

1. Using the Sign-up form of SIB


2. Using the Optin Form Element