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Other ways to add an email template

Other Ways to Add an Email Template


There are three main ways to add a template:

            Drag and drop EditorSelect a pre-made theme, or design your own from scratch using our unique, super user-friendly, drag and drop email editor             Want a more "traditional" looking email template? Use the Wysiwyg editor and create a template using Microsoft Word style editing tools.             Have you designed your own email templates from scratch outside of the platform? You can simply copy and paste your own HTML here.


However, there are also a few extra methods available for adding a template. They are as follows...

  • File Upload
    Upload an HTML file, and we will extract the Html and import it.

  • Import Existing
    If you know somebody else who has an account and would like to swap templates between accounts, you can do this here.

  • Import from Web
    If you have an email template hosted on a website somewhere, you can simply enter the web address and we will download the HTML and create a new template from it.

To access any of these options, simply go to TEMPLATES > ADD TEMPLATE > ADVANCED