Smart Funnels Editor - Social

Smart Funnels Editor - Social


A walkthrough on how to use the Social Element


To access the Social Element, simply click on the plus button at the top left of the builder and select the Social button from the Menu.


Once you select the Social element, you will see a pop-up box where you can select the social items (i.e. Instagram, Facebook Like Page, Fans, Pinterest, Sharing options, Tweets by Twitter, etc.) that you want to be added to your page. For this tutorial, we first select Instagram.


Once you click on the item, it will automatically be placed at the center of the page.

To edit the item, just right-click on the element or click on the pencil button then select "Properties".


On the "General" tab, enter your Instagram username, then click on the "Validate" button and it will automatically connect to your Instagram account. This will then bring in your images that will be shown on the page.


On the "Settings" tab, you will see the following options that you can set as you see fit:


a. Number of Items to show on the actual grid

b. Image Size

c. Gallery Padding

d. Exclude Video

e. Use Square Images

f. Shuffle the images

g. Alignment


On the "Options" tab, you can see the options like setting the Size and Position of the Social item, and the Anchor on your page, as well as choose where you want it to be shown.


If you wish to select Facebook, the "General" tab, you can see the field where you need to enter your Facebook URL. You can also choose how you want the item to appear on your page such as the following:


a. Hide Cover - this will hide your cover photo in the header.

b. Hide Friends - this will not show your Friends section.

c. Hide Timeline - this will hide the timeline section and will only show the header of your Facebook page.

d. Small Header - this will show a smaller version of your Facebook header.


If you wish to select Flickr and go to Properties, you will see the option to enter your Flickr Gallery or Set URL under the "General" tab. 


For Twitter, click on the "Properties" button, and on the "General" tab, you will see the option to enter your Widget ID or Profile URL. 

You can also choose how many tweets you want to appear within the borders of the element, select the theme, and select whether you want to hide certain elements or not.


If you wish to select Pinterest, you can see the specifics of this element right into the "General" tab. You can select the Widget Type, Button Type, Language, and Custom Button Image (where you can paste in your button URL).

You can explore each of the options as it is designed to be self-explanatory.


If you wish to add the Share option, you can select any of the buttons from the list and enter your Profile ID (which is optional).


You can select any of the Social elements and adjust them as you see fit.