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How to Integrate Kyvio 2.0 with Google Recaptcha

How to Integrate Kyvio 2.0 with Google Recaptcha

Please use the steps below on how to integrate Google reCAPTCHA into your account.

1. Log in to your Kyvio 2.0 account via https://app.kyvio.net/login then go to Integrations:

SIB 1.png


2. Click on the ‘+NEW INTEGRATION’ button then fill out the details for the Name and Provider:

SIB 2.png


3. Please put a name for the integration then scroll to the bottom of the list under Misc Integrations > Google reCAPTHCA v3

5 Integration.png


4. From there, you will be shown a page where you need to put in the API keys for the integration. 

5 Get the keys.png


5. In order to get the API keys, go to this link https://www.google.com/recaptcha/about/ to sign up for an account with Google then proceed to select v3 Admin Console.



6. After clicking the link, you are asked to set up your Google reCAPTCHA and add your domain. Please see the screenshot below as well as the description for reference or you can also hover on the "?" icon right next to each part to see more details. Do also note that if you have multiple domains then they can also be added, if you have custom domains or using Kyvio sub-domain they can be added there as well.
3 Register New Site.png

LABEL - Use a label that will make it easy for you to identify the site in the future.

reCAPTCHA type - Choose the type of reCAPTCHA for this site key. A site key only works with a single reCAPTCHA site type.

Domain - Your registration is restricted to the domains you enter here, plus any subdomains. In other words, a registration for example.com also registers subdomain.example.com. A valid domain requires a host and must not include any path, port, query, or fragment.

7. Please make sure to agree to the Terms of Service then hit on Submit to complete the process. Once you've submitted, you will be given the Site and Secret Key that you will use for the integrations as shown below: 

4 Keys.png

Please note that you have to do this TWICE for the integration with Kyvio 2.0. Since you can only choose one type of reCAPTCHA per request, you have to do one for v3 and another for v2. The reason for this is by default, v3 is activated then if the security feature detects a bot or a risk, it will then proceed to the v2 version for validation. But if it's a user then they can complete the captcha and proceed as usual. 


8. Once you've completed the two requests for v3 and v2 respectively, please add the necessary API keys on your Kyvio Integration page then hit Save Integrations.

6 API Kyes.png
Once submitted, it will give you a confirmation if the integration is successful or if you need to check the details you've put in. When activated, it will protect your funnel opt-in forms, Membership registration form, and even your Stripe checkout form from bots.


For your Membership Registration, please make sure to activate it via Smart Memberships > General Settings and enable it from there: 
7 SM.png