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Send your first campaign

Send Your First Campaign




Step 1: Go through the steps in Creating your campaign and Designing your campaign

Step 2: Decide on your from name, from address and reply address. Ideally, they should work with the sending domain on your account so you'll have a domain match.

Step 3: Write your subject line. Try to avoid using spammy words and phrases.


Step 4:  There's a checklist on the side that you can use to make sure you did not miss a step. Pick the right Tracking and CDN domains. 


Step 5: Schedule your campaign. Turn on Auto resend if that helps your strategy but keep in mind not to spam your list. 


Step 6: Set limit to your sending time so your emails go through during the time slot you want. 


Step 7: Run an email test to make sure that your campaign is set exactly how you want it to be. We recommend to use a testing tool like https://mailtester.com/en/. If you are good with the score, click "Send Campaign".


Congratulations! You've sent your first campaign.