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Reputation Management




Reputation is the ultimate all-in-one business platform that will skyrocket your business growth to the next level.



In Reputation, after completing the initial setup and integrations, when you connect your Google account, you'll be prompted to connect your Google My Business (GMB) profile. If you already have a GMB profile, you can connect it and proceed to access reputation management features.



Once you have added your Google business profile, you can generate a link that directs to your Google business profile. This link will display all of your Google reviews in one place, making it easier for others to access and review your business. It's a convenient way to showcase your reputation and gather feedback from customers.



To request reviews from your customers, you can click on the "SMS Review Request" toggle. This will allow you to add a picture and customize the text of the SMS message you want to send. For email requests, you can open the email option and give it a subject line, headline, and a perfectly crafted message. After composing your message, you can post it as a response to your customers.



You have the flexibility to customize the appearance of your review requests across different devices such as mobile, tablet, and laptop. You can create and personalize both email and SMS review requests. Additionally, you have the option to modify the colors of the text, rating stars, and the overall background according to your preference. The rating stars can be displayed with different ratings like five stars or four stars. You can also include a title to grab attention. If you wish to showcase your business prominently on Google, you can enable the Google My Business integration. Alternatively, you have the choice to disable it. This way, you can provide a tailored and powerful review request experience to your customers.



When you're finished here, you can easily access and replicate your Google reviews. Currently, there are no reviews in this location, which is why you can't see them. However, once you start receiving Google reviews, you'll be able to track your goals, see the number of positive and negative reviews, and your overall rating. This feature will help you keep track of your Google reviews within the Reputation section.



You can also proactively request reviews from your customers by sending them emails or SMS messages. You have the flexibility to choose the communication method based on their contact name, email address, or phone number. Inside the review section, you'll find all the reviews you have received. Additionally, you can use the same section to send review requests to your customers.



Next is the highly anticipated "listings" feature, currently exclusive to the USA. This exciting update is not yet available in other countries, but rest assured, it will be arriving soon. Stay tuned for the latest developments! So these are the main things that you need to do inside the reputation management.



After creating all of these Google reviews, you can easily display them on your website. To do this, simply copy the highlighted code shown in the image below".



Now navigate back to the funnel and proceed with editing this page. By incorporating your Google reviews into the funnel, you can showcase to your customers that you have a substantial number of positive reviews. Whether it's ten, a hundred, or even a thousand, displaying these Google reviews will enhance your credibility and establish trust with potential customers.



Simply click on this ad and select a custom HTML element.



And within this section, you can simply paste the code that we previously copied and then click on the "Save" button.



After selecting the custom HTML element, click on the "Save" button located in the top right corner of the image. You can then preview the changes by clicking on the "Preview" option next to the save button.



Currently, there are no testimonials or reviews available, which is why they are not visible. However, once you have accumulated a substantial number of reviews, they will be displayed on the side here. This is how you can efficiently manage your Google reviews within the Kyvio system.